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Named after the Biblical woman who was raised from the dead (Acts 9), Tabitha Ministry was founded in May 1999 to:

  • Provide help for women who are being released from prison: to setup a home of their own, to find and keep a job, and to make new relationships
  • Provide hope for women who have given up
  • Provide a home where women can rest, heal and grow in their relationship with their Heavenly Father
  • Mentor and disciple women to live powerfully in relationship with God and other people, and to live free from the effects of past trauma, abuse, and poor choices.
  • Teach weekly classes in the women’s prison: “Life’s Choices for Healing.” Check out Prison Ministry to learn more about our prison ministry.


Tabitha Ministry Inc. is located in Summerfield, NC helps women coming from abusive situations, addictions and prison. We provide a loving faith-based home environment. Our main objective is to build their confidence and restore their dignity, while equipping them for success in society.

We approach care from several perspectives. Our ladies receive intense counseling concerning past abuse and neglect. We enroll them in Vocational Rehabilitation for job skills and education. We get them connected to Health Serve for their health care needs. We have an in-house recovery class every Friday night. Residents are taught communication skills. Our ladies are taught how to dress and wear make-up appropriately. Most importantly, they are taught how to be women of character so that they will have a strong ethical foundation for making future choices.

Helping Women Women helping women has proven successful; our volunteers have modeled selflessness and caring to our residents. No salaries are given at Tabitha Ministry, we are solely supported by volunteers and donations. All work is done on a volunteer basis, and graduates of the program are encouraged to “give back” by helping after they leave.

Currently, all of our support comes from individuals and churches. We also operate a Thrift Store (Tabitha’s Closet) that helps with the day-to-day costs of running the ministry. Once a lady is employed, we expect them to pay fifty dollars per week toward living expenses. A strict accounting of all monies is required.

For every lady we take in, we turn down an average of three others. The reason for that is simple: there are only so many beds. We are adding more, though! In 2010, we finished construction on a second house, in order to help more women (Click here to see our houses).

Tabitha Ministry was founded by Cindi Wagner. Our Board of Directorsstaff and volunteers are members of the community whom God has sent to love these women into wholeness. If you are interested in volunteering, please call our office at 336-643-9484.

Thank you for the opportunity to share about Tabitha Ministry. We would ask that you prayerfully consider supporting us. Any amount given will go directly to client services. Bless you!

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